Trigger Point Therapy

Here at Mills Chiropractic & Healthcare we understand the relationship between the muscles and the joints.  Hence it is extremely important to have relaxed muscles before receiving any Chiropractic adjustments.  Ideally, it would be best done prior to your Chiropractic appointment with any of our massage therapists.  But that may not always be possible due to time constraints or availability.  Therefore, you would be pleased to know that time is set aside to treat the muscles as part of your standard Chiropractic consultation time.

Trigger Points are hyper irritable spots over fascia of muscle which can be associated with nodules (knots) in taut bands within the muscle.  Trigger Point Therapy involves consistent pressure over these nodules to release tension which will reduce discomfort.  This pressure is initially used intentionally to reduce blood flow to the area only to have it come rushing back into the area once it is released to help with healing and repair.

For those who have very stubborn trigger points that don’t go away, you might want to consider dry needling of the trigger points which has been found to be very safe and effective.  For more information on dry needling follow correct link above.

Feel free to discuss with your health professional how we can help you.  However, no referrals are necessary to book an appointment with our Chiropractor.  Book online or call us to make an appointment.  If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.