What to expect

Initial Consultation

During your first initial consultation you will be asked to fill out our welcome form as completely as possible and our practitioners will take you through for a complete history taking and physical examination.  Please bring any relevant documents, x-rays and reports along to your first consultation and wear loose fitting comfortable clothing as your practitioner may need to access the painful area and surrounding areas.

You will be evaluated to see if Chiropractic and/or Massage can help you.  If not or if further examination is necessary, you will be referred onwards to the appropriate pathways.  For the majority of the time you will be able to receive some form of treatment to help with the pain, which might be as simple as the application of ice.  Sometimes your pain may just be too acute for manual adjustments and your practitioner will stick to low force techniques.

Your treatment options will be explained to you and your consent to begin treatment will be obtained.  Your practitioner will advise you with what you can do and what not to do in between your first visit and your follow up visits.

Follow Up Consultations

Your follow up visits will usually occur within a week depending on the severity of the case.  Your practitioner will continue to treat as what was agreed upon during the initial consultation and monitor the status of your condition.  Follow up visits would usually be shorter in duration as all the history taking and tests have been performed in the initial consultation to diagnose the condition.  If at any point the symptoms have changed, if there is a new injury or if there are any adverse reactions or concerns, please discuss this with your practitioner.  A longer consultation time may be needed to reassess the condition.

We usually find it may take up to five visits for the benefits of Chiropractic if not on the first visit depending on your case.  There are many treatment options available so you can discuss with your practitioner what is working for you and what is not.

For more questions or queries you can always contact us.  To book your appointment you can book online or call us on 08 6460 3285.