Low Force Chiropractic

Low Force Chiropractic Techniques are available at Mills Chiropractic & Healthcare.  They differ from Manual Adjustments in that they are low force, high speed adjustments in the case of using an Activator or by using mobilisation where there are different grades of mobilisation to help improve and restore joint function.  Other low force techniques involve gentle pressure and release techniques, and the use of blocks.

Types of Low Force Techniques:

  • Activator – low force, high speed adjusting tool that delivers a reproducible, reliable, gentle force.  Can be adjusted to suit clients ranging from adults to infants
  • Mobilisation – graded, steady, consistent rhythmic motions with specific spinal contacts to improve joint motion
  • Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) – based on the relationship between the sacrum and occiput, often involving specific placement of triangular blocks underneath the pelvis.  SOT was originally developed by Chiropractor Dr. Major De Jarnette

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