Manual Chiropractic

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments are your traditional adjustments using high velocity, low amplitude thrusts.  They are safe, gentle and conservative modality of treatment.  They are directed at joints in the body in order to restore joint motion.  Many will hear an audible popping noise which can be a good indicator that gas (CO2) has been released in the joint, hence a successful Chiropractic Adjustment.  However, the main goal in a Chiropractic Adjustment is to improve stiff and hypo mobile joints.  And if a thrust is delivered without an audible noise, but there is an increase in joint motion, our goal has been achieved.

Manual Techniques

  • Diversified Technique – short lever, high velocity movement with specific contacts on the spine
  • Gonstead Technique – founded and developed by Chiropractor Dr. Clarence Gonstead
  • Thompson Technique – using drop piece adjusting tool built into specific Chiropractic treatment tables

For clients who prefer not to have manual adjustments there are also low force techniques available. Also your Chiropractor may choose to use low force techniques or other modalities if they suspect a manual adjustment will aggravate symptoms or if further investigation is necessary through imaging.

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