Originally from Japan, Junko's journey to holistic therapies came through her experiences with her own health challenges and awareness of the importance of balance in life. She has trained in the UK, Japan and Australia, and has 17 years experience in complementary therapies. With a keen interest in supporting those walking the cancer journey, she has been a practitioner at Solaris Cancer Care since 2011 offering Reiki, Massage and Craniosacral Therapy.

Her goal is to help her clients improve their quality of life by supporting them reconnect their minds with their bodies and by reminding them of the feel-good sensations during sessions.

Junko loves spending time in nature.  She enjoys gardening, hiking and travelling with her husband, playing ukulele and healthy cooking.

Dr Ryan Yiap is the owner and Principal Chiropractor at Mills Chiropractic & Healthcare.  He is originally from Malaysia and migrated to Australia with his family when he was quite young.  He grew up here, studied and graduated from Murdoch University and has been practicing in Perth for over 10 years now.  During this time he has seen:

  • people of all ages; from bubs to the elderly
  • those in different occupations; from office jobs to manual labourers
  • and people with a whole range of conditions; from a simple sprain/strain to a inflamed disc bulge

Each person is different and techniques are chosen to suit what is needed at that point in time.  Dr Ryan Yiap is proficient in Manual Chiropractic Adjustments as well as low force techniques.  He incorporates massage, trigger point therapy and/or dry needling into his consultations to help the body relax prior to receiving adjustments.  He will also utilise Kinesiotaping techniques when lymph drainage or support is needed for the body.

His interest in Chiropractic began when he knew he wanted to be in the health industry and to use his hands.  He started researching different occupations and came across the Murdoch University Chiropractic website which explained that the word "Chiros" in greek, stands for hands on healing.  He was drawn to the natural, conservative, surgery and drug free approach to healthcare and wanted to help others in that way.

Since then, his knowledge of Chiropractic Philosophy and the relationship of different parts of the body has grown.  Everything is connected to each other one way or another.  Pain in one area may be caused by pre-existing issues from a previous injury or an imbalance in another area.  He is dedicated to helping people discover their cause of pain and what can be done about it to help and prevent it from occurring again. 

Dr Ryan Yiap is married with two children.  He loves to spend his spare time with his family, going out and spending quality time together.  He is a deacon at his local Christian church and gets involved with leading, singing and playing guitar.  He is gentle, caring, compassionate and easy to get along with.

Dr Ryan Yiap has another practice location in Glen Forrest at Hills Natural Health Centre.  You can visit their Facebook page @hillsnaturalhealth

BSc(Hons.) in Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master in Psychology

Eva graduated from Monash University, Melbourne, and has been a psychologist for 16 years. Her goal is to improve the quality of life of her clients. Her interests are in autism, special educational needs, parental stress, anxiety issues, depression related symptoms, and life stage transitions. When working with special educational needs, Eva helps parents to maximize the potential of their children and to look at their children with new insights by using a mixture of educational, learning, and psychological strategies. When working with mental health issues, Eva’s main approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a very effective and efficient treatment approach with empirical evidence. She gained extensive experience in Hong Kong and in Perth. While she was working in Hong Kong, she was a lecturer and the author of a few books of special educational needs. In Perth, she is teaching Bachelor and Postgraduate level Psychology. Most of her clients are referred by GPs, Paediatricians, or Psychiatrists.

Eva speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Her clients range from age 0 to 99. She works with her clients individually in 50 minute sessions.